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Security Products: Driveway Alarms, Fake Security Cameras, Keyless Locks

SC2060-OD Security2020

The SC2060-OD is an outdoor (may use indoor too) fake security cameras constructed from actual camera housing.  The outer housing is the same housing used in real camera system.  The camera features a blinking red LED as well as an interior faux lens to give an even more realistic look.

DL2700 Alarm Lock
As low as:

The Trilogy Dl2700 series is Alarm Lock's most popular push button keyless lock.  This electronic keypad lock is heavy-duty and available in indoor our outdoor models. 100% programmable at the keypad with up to 100 user codes available, this product is easy to use and extremely easy to install, whether it's a new installation or a retrofit.

DI2000S-A Driveway Informer

Comparable to the Rodann TX/RX 2000, the Di2000S-A is a PIR based wireless driveway alarm with a range of up to 2000 feet.  The PIR sensor uses infrared technology to detect heat and movement to trigger the receiver to alert. The system sets up in minutes and works right out the box but has the flexibility for adding on additional sensor and/or receivers, as well as accessories like sirens, strobe lights, speakers, etc.   You won't go wrong this unit.

Specializing in Home Security and Business Security products that are easy to install, reliable, and cost effective, Security2020.com has a reputation of quality products and quality customer service.  Whether you are protecting your home, business, property, yourself, please take a moment to visit our website and do not hesitate to give us a call with any questions.

About us:

  • We have been selling home and business security products over 14 years – This experience means we provide the best products

  • Maintain a A+ Better Business Bureau Rating – We are a company you can trust

  • We ship directly from our warehouse, no drop shipping – You get your products fast

  • Stand behind our product by offering an 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee* (pls read policy)

  • Have live customer service representatives to answer the phone – No recordings, no answering service. Give it a try and call us Mon-Fri, 8 AM – 5 PM est to see for yourself.

There are thousands of security products being offered on the internet and we have seen them all.  We have carefully chosen products that are easy to install, having the Do-It-Yourself installer in mind. Although most of our products are easy to install, some of the products like our Trilogy locks and Alarm Lock Siren Lock Exit Alarms may require a locksmith's help. 

For most of our products, extra wiring is not needed for these security products. For example, our security systems are wireless, which means the communication from the door or window contacts to the control panel are completely wireless. 

Typically, when most people think of security or surveillance systems, live CCTV or surveillance cameras are the first thing that comes to mind. Security2020 was one of the industry pioneers introducing fake and dummy security cameras to the industry. Although many companies may offer fake cameras, we take a different approach. Many of our most popular models are assembled from actual camera housing used throughout the industry to house actual, live security cameras. We purhcaseTo overcome this disadvantage, dummy security cameras were introduced. These dummy cameras are useful for making the robbers to get scared and stop them from attempting a break in or shoplifting. Dummy Cameras or Fake Security cameras are cheaper and hence everyone could purchase them. These dummy cameras have the same look of an actual video security camera.

Office security is another area where Security2020 shines. We feature a vast array of Entrance alerts and exit alerts which should be essential for owners of stores, malls and home business to monitor the entrance into your facility or store. These security alert systems may be installed in minutes with benefits that will last a product lifetime. When someone enters your office, a chime sounds to alert office members that someone has entered the store. If you own a retail store, use an entrance alert to notify you when someone enters you store. If you are out in the stock room, for example, the notification you receive from the entry alert could be the difference between making a sale or not! Entrance alerts chime will be switched off automatically when it senses any strange presence. Some of our entry chimes require no electricity and can work without the supply of electricity.

Door window exit alarms can detect any strange or unauthorized exits through the doors or windows and provide exit alerts. These entrance alarms and exit alarms systems are useful for providing security all through the day. Whether you need a panic bar, exit alarm, or want to monitor the opening of specific windows or doors, security2020.com carriers a vast assortments of products and solutions.

Some of the newest products offered by Security2020 are keyless digital locks by Alarm Lock.  The Trilogy keyless locks are industry favorites is providing a stand alone access control system for hospitals, schools, government and municipaltities and more.  These are rugged keypad locks packed with many features for securing sensitive areas. 

Different varieties of multipurpose driveway alarms and exit alarms are offered by Security2020.com. Unfortunately, when most people think of home security, they are only thinking in terms on the home interior of the home and its contents. The driveway alarm products offered by Security2020.com alert the homeowner when people or cars enter the driveway. Just having a few moments notice that a car is approaching your home through your driveway gives you a couple of critical moments to provide for your home security. We also carry driveway signal bell kit. These are the kits you used to see at gas stations or at the dry cleaners. When a car drives over the rubber hose, an alert via a loud bell sound is created inside the store or shop. Almost all of the driveway alarm products featured on our website are wireless driveway alarms. Meaning, there is no wiring required between the sensor and receiver. Motion based and magnetometer based sensors are used in driveway alarms to allow you to detect ay movement in your driveway or large metallic objects only as they enter the monitored zone.

The Motion lights with sensor facility and the light controls are designed to consume low electricity power. Motion sensor light is switched on automatically when it senses any strange movements and switched off automatically when the threat goes away. They operate more efficiently when Incandescent flood lights are mixed with them. These are mostly suitable for outdoor uses. These sensors can integrate easily with any type of lighting used in the house.


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