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Many home owners monitor the security of the interior of their home but neglect to secure the rest of their property.  Whether you own a farm, a large piece of property, or a regular sized residential lot, driveway alarms are a great security device to alert you when someone enters your property.

Security2020 carriers a full line of wireless driveway alarm products. Take a moment to watch a quick introduction video about our flagship product, the Di2000S-A.

 The Di2000S-A

  • Detects any motion within the dection zone
  • Sends wireless signal up to 3,000 feet
  • System is wireless
  • Add on additional sensors and/or receivers to expand coverage and increase listening range

Wireless Driveway Alarms Kits

DRV-RCTD-20U Optex

A 2000 feet wireless driveway alarm expandable to 3000 feet with the use of a  wireless repeater.  Manufactured by Optex, this wireless driveway alarm is versatile and may be used as a driveway alarm, entrance alert, door chime system, and integrated with other products.

DI2000S-A Driveway Informer

Comparable to the Rodann TX/RX 2000, the Di2000S-A is a PIR based wireless driveway alarm with a range of up to 2000 feet.  The PIR sensor uses infrared technology to detect heat and movement to trigger the receiver to alert. The system sets up in minutes and works right out the box but has the flexibility for adding on additional sensor and/or receivers, as well as accessories like sirens, strobe lights, speakers, etc.   You won't go wrong this unit.

WMA-3000 Dakota Alerts

The WMA-3000 is the next step in the evolution of the driveway alarm/motion alert systems. The transmitter can be mounted easily on a tree or pole near the driveway, and operates on one 9-volt battery. The transmitter uses a passive infrared (PIR) beam to detect any movement (people, vehicles, etc.) up to a distance of 80 feet. It then sends a radio signal to the receiver (WR-3000) up to 600 feet away (the actual range might vary depending on the nearby terrain).

DCMA-2500 Dakota Alerts

Monitoring your driveway has never been easier with this Dakota Alert driveway monitor.  The DCMA-2500 is a long range kit with a transmiter/sensor that picks up any movement and sends a wireless signal - up to 2,500 feet - to a plug-in receiver.

MURS-BS-KIT Dakota Alerts

Need a driveway monitor capable of sending a signl up to several miles?  The MURS BS KIT by Dakota Alerts is a movement based sensor that uses Multi Use Radio send a wireless alert several miles to a receiver.

MURS-HT-KIT Dakota Alerts

Extra long range MURS based long range driveway alarm by Dakota Alert with handheld transceiver.  Depending on the terrain, the range of this PIR based set is several miles.

LHR4450 Security2020

The LHR4450 wireless driveway alarm system is an electromagnetic sensor alert system that helps you keep track of the comings and goings on your property. When a vehicle passes the sensor, the receiver emits an audible tone and lets you know someone’s there.  

Now you can be instantly alerted the moment someone enters your driveway at any time of the day. And the electromagnetic sensor only detects large metallic objects. So, no more false alarms due to moving children or animals. The LHR4450 system is easy to install and use.

WPA-3000 Dakota Alerts

Detect automobiles only entering and leaving your driveway. 

DCPA-2500 Dakota Alerts

Half mile range wireless driveway alarm kit with probe sensor that will only detect cars or metallic objects.

MAPS-BS-KIT Dakota Alerts

This wireless driveway alarm kit will detect cars or large metallic objects only.  Using MURS technology, this kit has a range of up to several miles (depending on your local terrain)

VA6000S Voice Alert

The Voice Alert system 6 is an advanced multi purpose motion detector security device that can notify you in more ways than one about a probable intruder.

TA-1 Voice Alert

When Security meets cellular Phone Technology, the result is a high end and extremely powerful system called the Text Alert. The text alert is a more discreet version of the popular voice alert system.

Unfortunately, when people secure their home, they sometimes neglect their property outside the doors and windows of their home.  By using a driveway alarm to secure the entrance to your property, you will receive instant notification when a car or person (depending on model) enters your property.

Security 2020 is a company that has dedicated itself to making sure your security needs are met!  We work at all times to give our customers the best service when it comes to a variety of security equipment; including lighting, entrance and exit alerts, driveway alarm systems, dummy cameras and all kinds of wireless security systems and accessories to make sure that no matter what your security need is, when can help!

The basic components of security include proper lighting, both inside and outside of your home or premises.   In addition, and alarm systems or sound systems, which allows your security company to be aware of something happening in your premises or in your home, while acting in accordance with the police department requirements.

We also supply metal detectors of many kinds, fake money detectors which can be very useful for your business and warning signs and security decals.  Whether you have a security system or not, security decals serve as a powerful, yet inexpensive deturrent to would be intruders.

A Driveway Informer is a very reliable driveway alarm system on the market and is available only through us. With a very powerful monitoring range of about 3000 feet, this kind of system can track up to 4 separate zones and send different alerts for each area that you have connected to the system. You can also choose a voice alert system, with has a wireless sensor transmitter and comes with a receiver and speaker base.

These systems can help you in more ways than one!  They can  alert you to a car coming up the driveway or whether you have a child by the pool!

You may also choose the hose alarm system which will notify you when someone crosses the hose by ringing a bell inside of your home or business.  These are extremely popular for drive through dry cleanining businesses or other drive through businesses
that need a way to alert them when a customer needs attention.

Not everybody has the perfect home environment and there are a variety of challenging security needs or ways to make you or your company run more efficiently.  We understand the needs that are out there today and have heard from thousands of customers all of the globe in need of the perfect security device for their unique challenge.  We can help you figure out what you need for your specific application.

Security 2020 also has the latest technology in driveway alarms with a wireless driveway alarm system which keeps track of the comings and goings in your home and property with a sensor system. This is a system which comes with an indoor chime and allows you to know that there is someone on your property.  Since it is a wireless system that works perfectly on batteries, installation is a snap.  However, if you live on a property whcih you share with children, deers, or dogs, you may not want the alert sounding everytime your driveway is crossed - especially in the middle of the night!  Don't worry, we have a driveway alarm that only triggers when crossed by vehicles.