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Warning Signs and Decals

CCTV1L Security2020

You can use the CCTV1L security sign if your home is protected using Close circuit television cameras or other security devices.

CCTV5 Security2020

Now we have a signboard that's designed like a television. The CCTV5 vinyl signboard has a logo that looks like a TV and warns potential intruders that the premise is guarded 24x7 by video surveillance.

CCTV3 Security2020

WARNING! This signboard reads in bold red text! That itself will cause jitters in the mind of any intruder.

HS4005 Security2020

The HS4005 security sign is a high quality signboard in bright red and yellow colors that will be visible even from a distance. It is made of heavy duty plastic and is completely weatherproof.

WS1 Security2020

The mere presence of a security sign can cause jitters in the mind of a potential burglar. The WS1 is a high quality security sign made of sturdy high impact composite material.

SL1 Security2020

If you have it, flaunt it! That's the rule. So why not flaunt your security setup? Security signs are the best way to prevent a crime. This one, is a solar powered security sign that will light up in the night! 

CCTV2 Security2020

The CCTV2 security sign reads out that the premise is protected by both audio as well as video cameras.

ALARM1S Security2020

You can display the Alarm1S security sign over any door that is guarded by security alarm. Warn potential intruders about the protection!

SC2020-10 Security2020

The SC2020-10 is a set of 10 high quality decals that make for easy visibility and readability. You can paste them anywhere inside your doors or windows for a clear warning. Adhesive is on the front of the decal.

STOP1 Security2020

The STOP1 security decal is an octagonal shaped decal in bright red colors that make for easy visibility.

CCTV1S Security2020
Dimensions: 4" x 4". .
HS4000D Thomas and Betts

The HS4000D is a set of security decals that can be pasted on protected doors and windows. Available in a pack of 6 stickers, you can use them on all the doors and windows that are protected using alarm systems.

ALARM1D Security2020

The ALARM1D security decal can be used on any alarm protected door. It is an economic but equally effective alternative for a higher costing security signboard.


About Security decals

We also have a collection of security decals which act like the security signs but that are not so fancy and you can paste them anywhere in your premises or in your home as well. There are many people that use these decals in their back doors in their houses, and this is a very good way of keeping that back door secure at all times. In fact, there are people that live in rented homes that have these kinds of signs put up and that have never really been aware that there is no such an alarm system installed in their houses, but that however, have never touched those signs and this has made a big difference to the way they have been able to live in these houses for years without having any kind of thief problems even thought they have had incidents in their neighborhoods on very regular basis.

The security decals are normally very simple written and they come in different color combinations. These kinds of accessories are very common and cheap and easily available with us at any time. Please feel free to go through our catalog and compare prices and check out the best for you and your needs. If you are interested in having something with a specific design please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we are able to fulfill your needs.

We want you to remember that we are there for you at all times and that you can consider our website to be one of the best when it comes to all kinds of accessories and equipments and devices for all your security systems whether it is for your business or for your home as well.

Warning signs

Any establishment that is covered by an alarm system needs to have the signs which announce their presence to allow the customers and others to be aware of them. There are some people who prefer to have dummy cameras or dummy signal bells which make the people think that they are actually been watched but that are not really working as cameras at all. However, there are warning signs that are actually doing the same thing. You can find some very fancy signs which are telling you that this property is covered by a very powerful alarm system, however, there is no alarm system installed in the property at all.

These signs act as psychological tools to intimidate the person who is thinking of committing a robbery in your property whether it is worth to take the risk or not and mind you, most of the times this is something that actually works very well.

We at Security 2020 have a very good collection of warning signs from the simple black and white or red and white sign that mentions that you have an alarm system set in place to the very sophisticated solar powered warning sign which will glow in the night giving all intruders the time to decide whether the risk is worth or not.

If you have invested in a security system, there is no harm in advertising the fact that this system exists in your home or business establishment and this is something that is going to affect the way how the burglar is going to think about getting to your merchandise. However, if you do not have a system installed and still you have a sign that reads that you do have one, this is also going to work in the same manner as the burglar is not going to be sure whether you are bluffing or not.

He is going to believe the fact that you do have a system and it is going to be up to him to find it and get rid of it before he is able to get on with his work. If you do not have a system in the first place but the intruder thinks you do, he is going to spend a very long time looking for the system and he may not be able to harm you in any way.