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Magnetometer Driveway Alarm Range of Several Miles Model MAPS-BS-KIT

MAPS-BS-KIT Magnetometer Driveway Alarm Range of Several Miles

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  • MAP Probe for Long Range Kit
  • M538 Base Station Transceiver
by Dakota Alerts

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Magnetometer MURS Driveway Alarm kit
M538-BS MURS Base Transceiver
M538-HT MURS Hand Held Two Way Radio
MURS Alert Probe Sensor Extra Long Range
Extra Probe for Dakota WPA-3000 w/125 feet of wire
Extra Probe for Dakota WPA-3000 w/250 feet of wire
MAT MURS Add-on Transmitter
Chime Module for MURS Systems
Wooden Birdhouse Facade used to Camouflage Dakota Sensors/Transmitters

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We sold and tested dozens and dozens of wireless driveway kits over the years.  None of them have the range the Dakota MURS based wireless driveway alarms systems.  This specific kits, the MAPS-BS is a magnetometer based sensor kit which means it will only detect cars or other large metallic objects.  No more animals setting off this alarm.

MURS is an acronym for Multiple Use Radio Service with is radio spectrum recently released by the FCC where you do not have to own a license to operate.  What does this mean to you?  Not only do you have driveway alarms and sensor that can send a wireless signal of up to several miles, you also have great transceivers that may be used as two-way radios.

This system or kit consists of a trasmitter and transceiver.  The trasmitter has a probe you bury in the ground parallel or under the driveway.  Connected to the probe is 50 feet of wire that connects to the transmitter box.  The transmitter box sends the wireless signal to the base station or handheld transceiver.

The transmitter runs on 6 AA Alkaline Batteries.  The Base Station Transceiver is powered by your standard wall outlet.

You may also purchase this kit with the handheld transceiver versus the base station transceiver.  The handheld transceiver is essentially a walki-talkie