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For Optimal Security, Use Keyless Locks by Alarm Lock

Keyless Locks, Electronic Deadbolts for Access Control

Access Control is important for the physical security of your business.  Alarm Lock is the industry leader in standalone access control system through their Trilogy line of keyless locks.  These products do not require complex wiring and an experienced locksmith can literally install and program one of them in 30 minutes.  If you would like a simple to use keyless lock, the DL2700 is the most popular model available.

Keyless Locks

103-12V Alarm Lock
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What a great product for any business that would like the ability to immediately lock or unlock a door with an electronic deadbolt.  Ideal for laudromats, lobby doors, or any other unattended areas.  For example, you could have doors that automatically lock and people inside the building can exit using a lighted push button switch.  You could also wire these into smoke detectors, alarm systems, fire alarm systems, etc. to automatically unlock or lock the doors in needed areas.

DL2700 Alarm Lock
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The Trilogy Dl2700 series is Alarm Lock's most popular push button keyless lock.  This electronic keypad lock is heavy-duty and available in indoor our outdoor models. 100% programmable at the keypad with up to 100 user codes available, this product is easy to use and extremely easy to install, whether it's a new installation or a retrofit.

DL2800 Alarm Lock
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The Trilogy DL2800 is a keyless lock that functions as a stand alone access control system capable of storing up to 200 users, with the various admin level of the user codes and audit trails.  The DL2800 is rugged, weather-resistant, UL and fire rated.

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With Trilogy Keyfree Pushbutton Locks
DL5200 Alarm Lock
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The DL5200 is a double sided keyless lock from Trilogy.  This means you will have a keyless, keypad driven deadbolt lock on both sides of the door.  Packed with features, rugged, and easy to install, this is a clear choice when you need a keyless lock with keypads on both sides of the door.

DL3000 Alarm Lock
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Trilogy DL3000 Keyless Door Lock is a digital electronic door lock w/ 300 User codes and robust audit trial. Available in weather proof and non-weatherproof models, the DL3000 is similar to the DL2700 but features an audit trial feature and capable of 300 user codes.


Trilogy is a line of keyless access control digital keylocks manufactured by Alarm Lock and is the industry leader in standalone access control systems.  Schools, daycare centers, universities, warehouses, government offices, airports, and retails stores across American rely on Alarm Lock's Trilogy Key-less Digital Access Control Locks to secure their facility.

Trilogies keyless locks enable you to essentially re-key your locks without ever having to call out a locksmith to physically rekey the doors. When an employee leaves, or you think the access codes have been compromised, simple use the keypad to erase a given code and/or to reprogram the user codes. Better yet, you can set different access levels like one-time usage, mater codes, and even print out audit trails on select models. Stop issuing and managing physical keys and issue access codes to your users.

Another benefit often overlooked is the fact that the doors can lock automatically. There is no need to walk through your building inspecting doors and making sure they are locked. If you are the last one in the office, rest assured the doors are locked without having to interrupt your work to check them.

Trilogy keyless locks are rugged and will stand the test of time. Many of the models are weather-resistant which will enable you to place them indoors our outdoors. Even in extreme conditions, these lock flat work! They are certified Grade 1 Certified by BHMA, the levers are ADA compliant, UL Listed 10C Positive Pressure Specification, and FCC Certified.

Whether you want to retrofit your current locks or install them from scratch, these keyless locks install in as little as an hour. You would be hard pressed to install an access control system for this cost or within this time frame. Not only are these products easy to install and affordable, they are packed with features.

Trilogy key-less electronic standalone access control system locks are available in almost all sizes and sizes and can fit any door, including cylindrical, mortise, exit trim or narrow stile aluminum doors. The Trilogy line of locks can even be installed on glass doors and double doors. Also available are a variety of finishes to meet architectural demand.

Our newest edition to the keyless locks category are the LEKTROLOK 103 and 104RA by Alarm Lock.  These are electronic deadbolts available in 24V and 12V models as well as "fail-safe" and "fail-secure" versions.  These electric deadbolts are easy to install with the flexibility to install in a variety of ways.  To see the different ways you can install this electronic deadbolt, please click on the Model 103 electronic deadbolt and then the "installation tab" to see some of the various installation configurations.  You can also click on the product installation pdf to see photos and installation instructions.

One of the greatest things about these electric deadbolt is that you can wire other devices to interrupt the electric current supplied to the deadbolt.  This means you can have the deadbolt lock or unlock based on different event.  If you would like to wire a push button to lock or unlock, you can do that. If you want to have the smoke detector immediately unlock the deadbolt, not a problem.  Just about anything you want to do with this deadbolt, it is flexible enough to handle it.