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Your Lights Will Turn on at Dusk and Off at Dawn - Automatically

Dusk to Dawn Light

HS570 Thomas and Betts

Our series of dusk to dawn security devices are meant to start working once its dusk. The HS570 swivel light control for example. starts at dusk and switches off at dawn. It has an adjustable arm for aiming photo control.

XP60 Thomas and Betts

The XP60 is a high quality photocell for use with candelbra type bulbs. Features like a ratcheting base that allows it to be aimed for the best performance and a compact design.

HS550 Thomas and Betts


Controlling the lighting in both the exterior as well as the interior of the home is one of the best ways to deter burglars from entering the home while you are away as well as preventing wastage of electricity. Use our HS550 photocell for that.

HS565 Thomas and Betts

The HS565 hardwired photocell control has a twist lock light control that turns light on at dusk and switches it off at dawn. .

XP150D Thomas and Betts

The XP150D is perfect for security home lighting as well as energy efficiency.  Built in with a photocell, no special programming is necessary to get it working.

HS306 Thomas and Betts

The HS306 is currently out of stock.  A substitute is the HS300 with the difference that the HS3000 does not work with florecent bulbs.

The HS306 light control with timer which turns on the light at dusk and switches it off 8 hours later is another security device that can prove invaluable when you are going away for a vacation.  Rated for indoor use or outdoor use in enclosed applications.  Adjustable photocell to enable maximum light source exposure.  Rated for use on flourescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs.

HS310D Thomas and Betts

The HS310D works on a photocell and hence you do not need to activate or program the timer. It will automatically detect and switch on the light at dusk.

FTV1 Security2020

Are you going away for a vacation? Well, its gonna be business time for burglars and theives once you are gone. So, the trick is to never leave the home or at least create the impression that you are still at home. Fake TV is going to help you do just that.

HS175D Thomas and Betts


Our HS175D turns a light on and off automatically. Using a photocell eye, the unit comes with two adjustable settings.

HS250D Thomas and Betts


If you are looking for flood light control, then try our HS250D adapter. It is a flood lighting control adapter that is easy to install and easier to use. Simply screw the controller into your existing flood light socket, twist the photocell out towards the light, and you instantly have automatic light control for your flood lights.

HS535 Thomas and Betts

The HS535 is a hardwired photocell that has features like post eye control and a built in timer.


Many homes in the US get robbed during the dark and it is therefore very important to have the right kind of illumination at all times. However, since this can prove to be very expensive, from the point of electricity bills and from the point of equipment as well, many people tend to apt for dusk to dawn lighting systems which not only provide the amount of light that you require to keep your home safe and secure, it is also saving on electricity and there are some very reasonable lighting systems which you can easily incorporate into your home of business and which will give you the peace of mind, without your having to be there physically all the time , and which work automatically, thus giving you the freedom to forget about them. Ordinary lights will not go off automatically and they will raise the cost of your electric bill much more than these kinds of lights, therefore, forgetting to put off that simple light on the back of your house may prove to be very expensive.

Please take the time to go through our special catalog of dusk to dawn lighting and light switch controls which will be giving you a better picture of the different kinds of lighting systems that you can choose from and their price range as well. These light control systems do not need any special programming and you can choose the kind of light you want to have on regular basis and which one you want to have as a motion light only if those are your requirements.