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Half Mile Range Wireless Driveway Alarm with Motion Sensor Model DCMA-2500

DCMA-2500 Half Mile Range Wireless Driveway Alarm with Motion Sensor

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  • DCR-2500 Driveway Alarm Receiver
  • DCMA 2500 Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm
  • DCMT-2500 Transmitter
by Dakota Alerts

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DCMA-2500 Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm
DCR-2500 Wireless Driveway Alarm Receiver
DCMT-2500 Long Range Driveway PIR Transmitter
DCPT-2500 Driveway Alarm Sensor Probe
Universal Transmitter for Dakota 2500 Series
12vDC Siren Accessory
Blue Strobe Light, 12V DC
Clear Strobe Light, 12V DC
Amber Strobe Light, 12V DC
Red Strobe Light, 12V DC
6 Inch Bell for use with Dakota 3000 Series Driveway Alarm/Motion Alert Sets

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The DCMA-2500 is a long range wireless driveway alarm system with a range of up to 2500 feet, or half a mile. 

The DCMA-2500 kit featuring a PIR based transmitter, or sensor and receiver,  will pick up any kind of movement.  Both of these products are very similar to their counterparts as featured in the Dakota Alert WMA-3000 set.  The difference is their range.  The WMA-3000 has a range of up to 650 feet while the DCMA-2500 kit has a range of 2500 feet.

The transmitter runs on a 9-volt battery (not included) and has a detection zone of about 50 feet.  When the sensor detects movement, it sends a wireless signal back to the receiver.

The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet and is powered by a 12Volt transformer.  Other features on the receiver is a 5 minute exit delay which gives you time to delay sensor activation so it won't detect you leaving the house.  The receiver also has four "c" relay outputs and one 12Volt DC output allowing you to tie in additional products to the receiver.

The receiver also has four distinct zone capability allowing you to tie in additional sensors and associate a distinct zone to a sensor or variety of sensors. 

Additional receivers and sensors are available and sold separately,