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Home Security Systems


Since the inception of our company, Security 2020, we have become the market leader for all kinds of security needs for businesses and home security needs.  The versatility and affordability of our products make us a retailer of choice for the DIY installer. We are famous for our high quality Wireless Security Systems, Skylink Household Alert, Metal detectors, Fake Money Detectors, Warning Signs and Security Decals.

When my parents and grandparents were growing up, it was rare to lock your doors at night, or when leaving the house.  Security systems were unheard of.  My how things have changed!  In this day and age, where criminals think it is acceptable to steal from others, the use of a home security system is common place, if not a necessity.  Our expansive line of Skylink Wireless Security sytems, along with wireless security system accessories are very popular because they are highly flexible, inconspicuous in nature and easy to install.

Our versatile range of Skylink Household Alert products makes your one stop shopping a breeze!  Pick and choose from a variety of options to customize your home security solution.   Our home security systems can be used in homes, offices or business enterprises and customized  to fit your unique security needs. 

Check out the SC-1000, a wireless home security system that is easy to install, reliable, and effective.  This Skylink Home Security system s a complete package that includes a motion sensor, two window/door magnetic sensors, an auto dialer that sends a pre recorded message to 9 preset telephone numbers, a control panel, two power adaptors, and back up alkaline batteries.  The SC-1000 system covers a large area and comes with a long line of accessories designed to fit the needs of a home or business application.

Included in the accessories are Vibration sensors, flood sensors, temperature sensors, additional door and window sensors, panic transmitters, silent alarm, or a wrist watch panic alarm.  It truly can be customized to fit most applications.  In addition, the easy, wireless installation makes this a top choice for DIY installers.  No need to pay local alarm companies to install and monitor a system for you.  This Skylink Security System allows you to monitor it yourself through the handy Auto Dialer.  This feature allows you to program up to 9 numbers in the system to be called when the system is tripped.  Call your office, cell phone, neighbor or police department and save thousands on installation, rental and maintenance agreements!


Please visit our attractive assortment of Skylink products to learn more or call our helpful Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-366-7235 to speak to a real, live person.