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  • Entrance Alerts & Alert Chimes

Improve Your Office or Home Security with Smart Entrance Alerts

Entrance alerts are a cost effective security tool every office, business, or store should have.  Security2020 offers a variety of models and style to fit any environment.  If you need help deciding which model is best for you, please do not hesitate to call us Toll Free at 800-366-7235.

Entrance alarms and entry alert chimes are designed to notify you when someone enters or passes through a monitored zone.  Although the process of how the alerting chime is triggered and delivered may differ, the outcome is the same -- to alert you.

The majority of entry alerts are triggered by one of three major ways:

PIR based sensors: A PIR sensor emits a detection zone.  When heat and/or movement (depending on model) passes through detection zone, an alert chime is sounded. Some units will send a wireless signal up to 2000 feet to a receiver while some sound at the PIR sensor.

Mechanical Entrance Alarms: Examples of these alarms are the EZ Tone DC1 and the DH994 by Thomas and Betts.  The products are easy to install and have no electrical components.  When a door is opened, a plunger is pulled, then released to strike a metal plate inside the unit, thus producing a "dong" type sound.  These units work best in environments of 2,500 SQ FT or less.

Magnetic Contacts: Many of the models use magnetic based sensors to determine when a door or window has been opened.  These are the same type of sensor/transmitters used in a typical home or business security system.  Once the door or window is opened, the magnetic contact separate, sending a wireless signal to a receiver.

Entrance Alerts & Alert Chimes

RCTD-20U Optex

The Wireless 2000 by Optex is the best in class entry alarm and driveway alarm.  With a range of 2000 feet, weather-proof sensor, and unparalled expandability, this product is a winner.  

DA50L-A Security2020

Works Great in Commercial and Retail Scenarios
The DA50L-A (RX1000/TX1000) Entrance Alert Set by Security2020 is a high powered entrance alert set with a PIR transmitter (sensor) and receiver.  Receive an immediate alert when movement is detected over the movement within the PIR Range.

RC3260 Thomas and Betts

The RC3260 & RC2260 Wireless Door Chime is ideal for a hassle free installation. It is battery powered! No wires, no hassles. 

RC3760D Thomas and Betts

The RC3760D is a wireless entrance alert chime that can be used to monitor specific doors within the home. You can use it to monitor doors if you have small kids at home.  Please note.  Product does not work well on metals doors.  Please refer to DA50L-A. 

DC1 EZ Tone

Receive instant alerts when a door is opened.  The EZ Tone Entrance Alert Door Chime is the perfect door chime for commercial offices and retail locations.  No wires to run and wireless communication is not necessary.   The DC1 entrance alert is purely mechanical and loud enough to be heard in stores or offices 3,000 sq. ft in size, easy to install, and requires no batteries. 

SL-40 Rodann Electronics

The SL-40 passive infrared door announcer is a self-contained, battery operated, motion detector. It detects the infrared radiations given off from a human body in motion alone.


The retro reflective beam alert entrance alert unit is a device with myriad applications. You can use it to announc e the arrival of a guest or a customer with a plesant tune like Ding Dong or Westminster.

DH992 Thomas and Betts

The mechanical doorbell is an ideal replacement for an electrical model. It works 24x7 without electricity.

HS4370D Thomas and Betts

Great for small shops, offices, homes! Use either chime alert or alarm siren. Detects intruders and sounds built-in alarm. The model also supports remote control access and additional remote controls can be purchased to use it.

HS4320D Thomas and Betts

The HS4320D is a powerful motion detector system that sounds a powerful 105db siren when someone enters the protected zone. It can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. 

LH-50487 GE

The LH-50487 is an ultrasonic parking sensor that detects the distance of the wall from the car and a red light LED starts to blink when you have to stop.


RC2260 Thomas and Betts

The RC2260 weatherproof entrance alert chime is made for the rugged outdoors. It is ideal for monitoring doors outside the home like the garage, out shed etc.

DH994 Thomas and Betts

The Thomas and Betts, Carlon Entry Chime is the perfect device for alerting you whenever someone enters through a particular door or makes an exit.

VA6000S Voice Alert

The Voice Alert system 6 is an advanced multi purpose motion detector security device that can notify you in more ways than one about a probable intruder.

AV-100 Rodann Electronics

The AV-100 incorporates PIR technology that detects infrared energy emitted by the human body, when in motion, within a given detection area.

SS4610 Thomas and Betts

Easy installation wireless motion-activated chime.  The SS4610 was a version of the RC4610 that was sold in various retail stores.  


EX-1 Safety Technologies

Now you can guard both unauthorized entries as well as exits made through any door in your commercial establishment or home. Use the EX-1 exit alarm.


Entrance Alarms and Entry Alert Chimes

Entrance alarms are a cost effective solution for the prevention of crime and retail loss, or simply to improve customer service!  Entrance alarms are extremely easy to install and are versatile for use in a variety of situations.  Below are some common uses for entry alert chimes:

  • Retail stores and offices can be alerted when someone enters a store or enters a proteted area
  • Alert chimes sound when movement is detected at dock door (UPS Pick Up)
  • Monitor and receive alerts when someone enters supply closets or stock room
  • When a swimming pool gate is opened, receive an alert chime
  • Detect the opening of doors like a shed door, stock room door, etc.
  • Gentle chime sound to clerks when someone enters dressing room
  • Caregivers will receive alerts when patients move about room or open doors/windows
Entrance Alerts are a great asset to provide added security and will aid in loss prevention.  They will also help to improve customer service.  No one wants to be left standing in a lobby or at a front desk while an employee is doing something in another room.
What we have found is that both small and large business alike need cost affordabale security solutions that are also simple to install while providing excellent results.  The products we offer here are not elaborate systems.  They are simple enough to install and monitor yourself.  As a matter of fact, almost all the entrance alerts and alert chimes we offer work right out of the box or will require less than five minutes of installation.  

But don't let that fool you.  They work exceptionally well !  But if you are not happy with one of our products,  Security2020.com offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on most of our products.

Entrance and Exit Alerts Systems are necessary if you own a store, repair shop, or office. It will be equally useful to those people who conduct home businesses too. We have a huge collection of entrance alert systems that are aimed to please even the pickiest of customers. Entrance alerts are among the most basic forms of security.

Each home and office door should be equipped with entrance alerts. There are products that are suited to work in all conditions of weather no matter where they are installed. Security 2020 markets a wide variety of products that use the latest technology to warn you of your visitor/customer.

There are entrance alerts that are chimes that go off when they detect presence and work without electricity. Our products showcased here display an ingenuous mix that can come from the right combination of innovation and state of the art technology. We have products that are ideal for small shops, medium size business centers and mall retail stores.  Please browse our selection of door chimes and entrance alerts.  If you don't know exactly what you need for your application, call us - we are always happy to help!

Aimed at preventing shoplifting, door/window exit alarms warn you of any unauthorized exit through doors or your emergency exit.  Many of our products can be activated or deactivated according to your needs. They are reliable 24 hour protection for your store and a must for retail applications. There are several types of Entrance and Exit Alerts listed in our website and they all cater to the different taste and requirement of our customers. We have a powerful set of wireless door alarm systems that you can use in your place of business. Our entrace alerts can be used to monitor exit doors, the doors of refrigerators, cabinets or storage rooms, dressing rooms, dock doors or locked offices. The alarm typically come with a choice of sounds, so you can choose the appropriate tone for your application.  Due to volume control, the alarm will never go undetected.

Exit and entrace alarms can be useful in your homes too.  For settings where you need to monitor the comings and going of children, an entrance alert will let you know every time the door is opened.  We have also had customers find our alerts particularly useful to monitor their aging parents.  No matter who is coming or going in your home, you can be alerted with an entrance alert.  Effective, easy to install and cost effective. Entrance and Exit Alerts come in different price ranges, so don’t hesitate to check out our wide variety and choose one for yourself.